by Stan Mack



"Cartoonist and social chronicler Mack's thoroughly researched history of the American Revolution offers a spectacular, unvarnished account that runs counter to the mythology-as-history often taught in American schools."
-Publishers Weekly

"Mack has done his homework, so this is not a retread of the standard story; he brings a new perspective and a lot of hey-I-didn’t-know-that facts to the history we all thought we knew." -School Library Journal

This is an effective and quick survey of the American Revolution. Mack tells his story crisply, with just the right touch of irreverence, to be able to strike a chord with kids who have short attention spans -- or with adults like me who want to brush up on our memories of Jefferson, Hamilton and Washington."
-Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

"A terrific, well-researched look at the events that formed this country. Highly recommended." -Comics Waiting Room

With the election cycle in full spin—accompanied by the inevitable call-outs to the principles of our country and its Founding Fathers—it behooves the politically minded comics fan to take a look at the recently reissued and revised Taxes, the Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels (NBM)...Mack's loose cartoony art captures its loudly contentious cast without either mythologizing or condescending to them. He does away with formal panel structures on his pages, visually paralleling the messy and chaotic process of revolution. To be sure, there are plenty of off-the-cuff jokes in this book. Mack is too innate a cartoonist to let either excess pomposity or hyporcrisy go unskewered; in one panel, for instance, he shows a shoemaker working the war economy by marking up the price of his wares. "Tom Paine says people are basically good," the would-be profiteer says to himself, "so whatever I do is okay." Looking at the American Scene today, you can't help spying the [descendants] of the rationalizing little colonist. -Bill Sherman,,


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